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Celebrating youth success at the Pratt & Whitney Singapore Invention Convention

Every year, STEMIE Advantages hosts the Singapore Invention Convention to celebrate STEM Education inventors and entrepreneurs ages 5 – 22. Participants showcase their brilliant inventions and receive feedback for improvement.

After pivoting to an online event during 2020 and 2021 to keep everyone safe during the pandemic, we have since opened our doors to welcome participants from around the region, including Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan!

We extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Pratt & Whitney for their invaluable support as the title sponsor of the Pratt & Whitney Singapore Invention Convention 2023. Your commitment to fostering innovation and nurturing young minds is truly commendable. Your sponsorship plays a vital role in providing a platform for young innovators to showcase their groundbreaking ideas and gain recognition. We are grateful for your belief in the power of innovation and your dedication to empowering the next generation of inventors.

We would also like to thank Temasek Polytechnic as our Co-organiser. They are mentors to some of our emerging inventors on their journey of inventing. We believe that these efforts to encourage the next generation of thinkers and inventors will ensure a brighter future for Singapore.

Deserving participants receive patent opportunities and various awards at the Pratt & Whitney Singapore Invention Convention. Our young inventors and entrepreneurs have also been featured in the local media and recognised by ministers in Singapore!

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