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Pre-schooler bags first prize at invention contest with GPS necklace for the blind

The Straits Times – 29 November 2022

Murid prasekolah menang hadiah pertama dalam peraduan reka cipta, hasilkan rantai GPS buat orang buta

Berita Harian – 29 November 2022

普惠新加坡发明大会 区域百名学生显创意 – 23 November 2022

Children are the future. Their ideas and their actions will shape the world as we know it, and it is our duty to their generation to guide them in their journey of discovery and innovation.

STEMIE Advantages envisions a day when EVERY child in Singapore has the chance to follow their natural curiosity, invent creative solutions to problems, and be inspired to achieve their highest level of personal accomplishment.

We will support our children as they grow into capable and productive members of society who can affect change. Once again, we are honoured to have Temasek Polytechnic as our Co-organiser. They are mentors to some of our emerging inventors on their journey of inventing. We believe that these efforts to encourage the next generation of thinkers and inventors will ensure a brighter future for Singapore. 

 “I would like to thank the judges and live audience for their feedback and questions that will certainly help me to think further on how to improve my idea. It was also very interesting to be able to listen and learn from another young inventor on his innovation idea.” — Inventor and 2021 Award Winner, Juston Chan (Singapore). 

“This opportunity provided me feelings of personal achievement where I did what I did not think I could do. It’s important that people never underestimate their undiscovered skills and interests.” — Inventor and 2020 Award Winner, Addison Tham (Singapore)